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Website Design Rates with the Small Business Owner in mind.


Our rates do vary from project to project. But here’s the scoop…

Our rates vary on the task at hand. That being said,our website design packages start with the small business owner in mind! Home based businesses, Service Based or small business, we got you!

We’d love to give you a set in stone rate, but that’s nearly impossible depending on what your website needs. However, that being said we do have options to start with, so don’t think we are priced out of your leagues…

Having one of us is like having a staff member that you don’t need to worry about and only need to pay when something needs to get done.

So, let’s get in touch and take advantage of our FREE consultation and FREE quote. It costs nothing to ask what we can do for you.

ALL rates are listed here from Website Builds & Maintenance to Social Media Management.

Website Builds

Let’s start with the basics.

A basic, 3 page website with an HOME page, a CONTACT page and a PRIVACY policy page will start out at $300 (this includes a free custom graphic. THIS is the perfect SMALL BUSINESS starter pack!

A 4 page website (add a SERVICES or an ABOUT page to the above package) starts at $450.

A 5 page website will run you at around $600 and then it goes up from there! 

Naturally, a multi page high content or a more complex working website will run into $1500 plus and for this, we want to sit and chat with you rather than throw down a number here.

WE OFFER FREE QUOTES with no obligation at all. We get it! You have choices out there.

Website Maintenance

We’ve built you the website, now the maintenance starts. Yes, websites need maintenance like your lawn needs cutting (even though we may not want to do it!).

Simple Update
NEXT UP$25/month
Update PLUS Custom Graphic/Banner
NEXT LEVELOK, this is where we need to chat and customize!

A simple update it once a month fee is $10.  That means, we go in and update it, make sure it’s all running smooth.

No, you are not signed into this BUT, if you choose to opt out, we will not update the site and that means less ranking in the land of Google.

And from there…. let’s see what your needs are shall we? For example if you want a banner changed or photo’s added… we can customize your monthly maintenance and charge you accordingly!