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2024 Goal Writing; New Year, New Goals?

New Year, New Goals?

Let’s talk goal writing. Did you get where you wanted to go in 2023? Were all your goals achieved? I think we are always striving to do better with each passing year.

This being said, what are you goals for 2024?

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Goal Writing

Goal writing can be tough to do. And I don’t mean typing them out. Grab a pen & paper, there’s just something about putting pen to paper that makes it seem permanent. There’s no delete button and no eraser!

Here are some tips on goal writing.

  • Write goals that align with your values! Stay true to you & your brand.
  • Be specific! A vague goal is exactly that, vague. Be extremely specific and map out exactly how your goals are going to be achieved.
  • Think BIG and at the same time, keep your feet on the ground. Say your goal is to make 1 million dollars. in the process you will either get there or not, BUT you will have gained ground in getting there!
  • Plan for success! Always be thinking about success. Keep your eye on the goal ahead, obstacles will pop up, keeping your vision on success will get you through it!
  • Manage your risks, always be aware of risks and at the same time, don’t let them create the fear that can sometimes stop you from achieving success. Knowing your risks is simply smart.
  • WRITE THEM DOWN. Goals need to be visual and in front of you at all times.

What happens if goals aren’t reached?

Not reaching your goals can feel like failure. In realty as long as you are working towards your goals & keeping them in mind at all times you will get there. The journey to achieving goals can be difficult and can also be faced with failures. But what if a failure could just simply be a stepping stone to your success? Failure can simply just be a part of the process.

Keep your eye on the prize

The moral of the story is, no matter your goals be it in life or business, keep your eye on the prize at all times! A journal and a pen should be by your side as you monitor your journey towards that list of goals! Like keeping a to-do list, check off when you’ve achieved a goal and set a marker for the big ones to track your progress!

What are your goals?

Now, you’ve read this entire article, where are you at? What are your goals? Are they personal, are they business or are they a mixture of both? Sometimes, breaking them down in sections is best.

Make a list of goals for your business, and a separate list of personal goals. Business goals and personal goals are often different from one another. It is best to keep them separate but still visible at all times.

Rise and grind, get to work! 2024 is YOUR year.

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