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Marketing Services

affiliate marketing

At Manpro Services we offer more than just web design and management.

our marketing services also include;

Offering just a little bit more gives your business a chance to have a completely rounded and consistent message

 Social Media Management

At Manpro Services  we get it. Not everyone knows what to do with all of the social media sites out there , but they are powerful tools that should be used to help you succeed . We can help you schedule regular posts for  your followers so they are always seeing something new. You don’t have to go overboard and you don’t need ALL the platforms, you just have to use ones at  the right times with the right content so that your branding is consistent and your followers are kept in the know.

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Email Marketing

Ah yes, the flood of newsletters in your inbox. Hate to break it to you, but email is still one of the most effective marketing tools! Here at Manpro Services we use the MailChimp platform so your customers get a simple layout and plenty of opportunity for link clicks! IN the end, you want to draw them to your website! This what Manpro Service does for you, design a template for you to use that helps drive traffic to where it need to be. Your website.

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You see it every day, you know what you do, you know your phone number, you know your address, BUT Do you customers ? At Manpro Services we are always on top of the latest trends , helping you stay current with all of your business imaging. From helping find that perfect logo to deciding on store front design, we have been there and done that. Complete make overs offer some of the greatest challenges with the greatest rewards you can achieve for very little to sky’s the limit budgets. Start ups to 25 year businesses we have you covered , let us help you be found and recognized

Advertising Consulting

At Manpro Services we know the challenges of meeting deadlines for advertising , having the right ad go out and making sure it was done right. We are here to help, Weather it is for a campaign promotion for new release or for the weekly radio spot you are signed up for , let us help you schedule them and set up a program just for you and your business, we know what it takes .

Target Marketing

Knowing your customer is half the battle, getting them to know you exist it the other ….

Manpro Service will set up a targeted advertising campaign just for your business, this is not a “shotgun” approach but a tried and true method that has help many just like you get more customers thought the door . From a new pair of shoes to the new truck that was just announced we will help you get them talking about you. Email , social media, billboards and surveys to back it all up. Let us know your TARGET..

Content Creation

It’s one of our focuses here at ManPro. Content is here to stay with Social Media being a part of your Brand’s marketing Journey.

You can learn more about our content creation services HERE.

Website Design & Management

You have social media accounts, why would you need a website or why would you care about your website?

While Social Media is GREAT and is an AWESOME tool, your followers need somewhere to find you and to do that, they still check out your website. If they don’t like what they see, you’ve lost them and will get no Return On Investment on your social media time.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing, blogging, starting a new businesses or want to build an online store, we can help.

Why do you need our services?

You know your phone number, you address, your email , your website… BUT Do your customers ?? At Manpro Services we understand that you either paid a lot for your website and expect it to run without touching it, or you’re paying an exorbitant monthly fee and aren’t happy  OR you don’t know a thing about websites. If any of this sounds familiar, we need to chat.

Our process is easy. We look at your website,we look at your branding, your social media accounts, do research on your business maybe visit you onsite and then we see what you need. Nothing more. We work in the background understanding your time is important.

How much will this cost my business?

We only charge you when we actually do something for you. We won’t charge you just because we feel like it. That’s why we don’t have a flat rate sheet. We charge you by the hour instead. So if we only work an hour, we charge an hour. If we work 4, we charge 4. Each and every business is different with different needs so a flat rate doesn’t usually work. We are a different company, we actually understand that you shouldn’t have to take out a loan to get what you need.

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We work VIRTUALLY meaning we work on your schedule without being in your hair! This also allows us to help anyone, anywhere. Some call this the “Laptop Life”. We call it the no breaks, work anytime life. We are always at your disposal to help whenever you need, unless we’re sleeping, then we’re not available.