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<p>As a website designer, I stick to the user experience principals using graphics, layout and website functions. Development goes beyond the Designer and Management is exactly that, managing the content. When talking about website management, development or design the three, although with the same goal in mind, are very different.  Let’s […]</p>
<p>Website Design and Development and the dreaded word, PRICING. We try do things a little differently. You work so hard for your business, your website needs to be working just as hard if not harder. And that means, we work hard for you to make sure your website stands out […]</p>
<p>Website, are you working? SO you have a website. PERFECT! Now, is it working for you? Are you refreshing it or updating it regularly? Are you managing your content both on the website AND on your social sites? If you answered NO to any of these, you’ve come to the […]</p>

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Website Management

So you have a website. Cool. Are you maintaining it? If the answer is no, we need to talk.


Corporate sites and blog sites. This is where the WordPress platform comes in.


Online shops and Ecommerce. Shopify is the best for YOUR online store.

Marketing Services

At Manpro Services we offer more than just web design and management.


One step at a time… Welcome to our portfolio! Manpro Services has been in the works for quit a few years, not really knowing where it all truly began. Just knowing that we are here now. We have created  Websites , marketing campaigns, image branding, business plans/ planning, employee handbooks, […]

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