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Website Design & Management

Website Management

Speaking from experience, we know what websites can cost! We cover it all from a fresh build to a rebuild or managing your current site.

You just started your business and you’ve got your Facebook page set up, and Instagram feed, but where are you sending your followers?

Want to go beyond Social Media and need a website? Or maybe you have a website and want a new one. CONTACT US today for a FREE quote!

We specialize in the Shopify and WordPress platforms.

So you have a website. Cool. Are you maintaining it?

If the answer is no, we need to talk.

Why have an outdated website with no new content or no relevant content?How is Google ever going to recognize the business you work so hard on! You’ve spent $500, $1500, $2500 or even $25,000. Make your website WORK for you!

Having a website IS your online storefront. You do regular maintenance on your building right? What would happen if you stopped maintaining it for a week, month, year? A website is much the same. The trends and search engines are always changing. Your business changes with the markets, so does your website. Don’t get run down, we got you!

We are here to help.

Think of us like a staff member you only have to pay for work that is done. It’s why we mainly work on an hourly rate. If we only need on your site for four hours a month, then you get billed for 4 hours and that’s it.

Our rates do vary from project to project. But here’s the scoop…

Our rates vary on the task at hand. We’d love to give you a set in stone rate, but that’s nearly impossible depending on what your website needs. That’s why we charge by the hour instead of having umbrella rates. This way, we can personlize our services to meet your needs.

However, that being said we do have entry level options, so don’t think we are priced out of your league! We got you covered. Having us part of your team is like having a staff member that you don’t need to worry about and only need to pay when something needs to get done.

See our FULL rate sheet HERE!

Website Marketing

You have social media accounts, why would you need a website or why would you care about your website?

While Social Media is GREAT and is an AWESOME tool, your followers need somewhere to find you and to do that, they still check out your website. If they don’t like what they see, you’ve lost them and will get no Return On Investment on your social media time.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing, blogging, starting a new businesses or want to build an online store, we can help.

Why do you need our services?

You know your phone number, you address, your email , your website… BUT Do your customers ?? At Manpro Services we understand that you either paid a lot for your website and expect it to run without touching it, or you’re paying an exorbitant monthly fee and aren’t happy  OR you don’t know a thing about websites. If any of this sounds familiar, we need to chat.

Our process is easy. We look at your website,we look at your branding, your social media accounts, do research on your business maybe visit you onsite and then we see what you need. Nothing more. We work in the background understanding your time is important.

How much will this cost my business?

We only charge you when we actually do something for you. We won’t charge you just because we feel like it. That’s why we don’t have a flat rate sheet. We charge you by the hour instead. So if we only work an hour, we charge an hour. If we work 4, we charge 4. Each and every business is different with different needs so a flat rate doesn’t usually work. We are a different company, we actually understand that you shouldn’t have to take out a loan to get what you need.

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