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2024 Goal Writing; New Year, New Goals?

New Year, New Goals? Let’s talk goal writing. Did you get where you wanted to go in 2023? Were all your goals achieved? I think we are always striving to do better with each passing year. This being said, what are you goals for 2024? Goal Writing Goal writing can […]

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What is SEO Marketing

What is SEO Marketing; why it’s important

What is SEO Marketing? You’ve seen and heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But what is SEO marketing and why is it so important? Let’s dig into what SEO is and how to use it for your website. SEO; the definition SEO is the use of strategic keywords to […]

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website designer

Website Managment vs Development vs Design

As a website designer, I stick to the user experience principals using graphics, layout and website functions.¬†Development goes beyond the Designer and Management is exactly that, managing the content. When talking about website management, development or design the three, although with the same goal in mind, are very different.¬† Let’s […]

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website management

What you REALLY need in a Business Services Website.

What do you really need in a Business Services Website? Keep it simple at all times. What you really need in a website is a small list and can be generally done in 5 pages. A business services site would look something like this: Home Contact About Services Blog Page […]

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Email Marketing

10 Seconds

Website timer starts now. 10 Seconds. That’s your window of opportunity.¬† That’s an average number. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes it is LESS than 10 seconds. Make sure your website REpresents your business. 10 Seconds. Not a long time is it? Most people want an engaging site, if they aren’t […]

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website management

You’ve come to the right place.

Website, are you working? SO you have a website. PERFECT! Now, is it working for you? Are you refreshing it or updating it regularly? Are you managing your content both on the website AND on your social sites? If you answered NO to any of these, you’ve come to the […]

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