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Website Managment vs Development vs Design

website designer

As a website designer, I stick to the user experience principals using graphics, layout and website functions. Development goes beyond the Designer and Management is exactly that, managing the content.

When talking about website management, development or design the three, although with the same goal in mind, are very different.¬† Let’s take a closer look at the definitions between the three terms.

website management

Website Management definition:

Website Management is to manage an existing website and make it functional through content and design. A Website Manager (also known as a Website Coordinator, Website Administrator or a Webmaster.) works to maintain a cohesive design for a company or business website to increase the online presence of the site. In other words,, they maintain the content, design and ensure the website is constantly being refreshed to increase the rankings in search engines. This is what we do!


Website Developer definition:

Website Developers are in charge of all aspects of a website development. From design and technical to building apps and code. Sometimes they also assist in creating content much like the Manager position. Coding can be very technical, we do some coding, but mainly we stick to design and use templates that coders have created for us website designers.


Website Designer DEFINITION

A Website Designer creates websites and apps. They create the look, layout ans specific features of a website utilizing graphic design and some programming. Once a developer has created a website, web designers helps with maintenance, content and additions to the website. This is also what we do!


website designer
website designer


Let’s sum it up.

When designing your website, our main goal is to build you a website that looks good, has great user experience and all the features you need. When managing your website we constantly work at it with creating new content  and ensuring through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the website is ranking high in the search engines and getting you leads or making you sales. After all, your website is your business store front. It has to reflect what you do and be consistent with all your branding.



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