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What is Content in Marketing; and how does it work?

Content in Marketing

What is content in marketing and why is it important? Content, it is literally everywhere. You consume it throughout your day without even realizing it. Content scrolls through your social feed, it’s all over social media it’s on the TV, radio, Internet, it’s in the last joke you read. Like I said, literally everywhere.

And it’s a tough one to wrap your head around because you’re exposed to it all the time, you don’t give it a second thought, until you need it to work for you.

You need content in everything you do from a marketing perspective. But keep in mind, you need the right content for your business.

Content in Marketing

But what exactly is content in marketing?

The image above was created specifically for this post. Content is key! It is the king and queen of digital marketing.

Content is all the puzzle pieces needed for the right strategy. From a business standpoint, content is the key to getting a message across through the medium of your choice. Generally speaking, content is engaging, informative, educative and can also be entertaining.

Content can be in the form of;

  • a newspaper ad
  • a magazine ad
  • a billboard
  • a bus ad
  • a meme
  • an article
  • an image
  • a brochure
  • an eye catching graphic
  • an eBook
  • infographics
  • A white paper
  • an email
  • a web banner
  • a blog post
  • videos
  • Live’s
  • etc.

It is everything to do with what the consumer sees about you, your business, your company. Through creating customer loyalty & trust, by publishing content with a purpose, the right content in the end is what drives the consumer to purchase your product or service.

A great example for the use of content is this BLOG site. This is a lifestyle blog site using content through images, writing and ads.

coffee yoga wine blog site

Why do you need content in marketing?

Because it’s everything, without content, almost nothing we see online exists! Your business, your company needs content in your marketing plan and strategy.

The right content in your marketing plan will drive your email subscribers, traffic to your website, or page likes on Facebook and Followers on Instagram.

Graphics on the company website, articles on the blog (this post for example), engaging posts on your Social Media channels, educative and informative information in your email campaigns. Creating the right and engaging content for your business is such an awesome tool to get your message across. Keep your clients and your customer informed, gain new clients and customers, keep your community engaged and, in the end, generate revenue.

How do you get it to work for you

Your content must have a call to action and be consistent. Content is a most powerful advertising tool. I often refer to it as standing on a soap box (look up that term if you are unfamiliar with it).

YOU have a product to sell, YOU have a message to get across. Get the right content with a call to action and consistency! 

How can we help?

Ah, here is the call to action. We too sell a service, and our content needs a call to action exactly like yours. This service of content creation is put in place to help create content for your business with whatever platform you need it for. We will work with your in house team or be your team. You have to run your business, you don’t have time to site behind the computer and be a graphic designer when clearly, you have other things to do.

We know, we’ve been there! It’s why we now offer this very particular service and help in creating the content for your marketing plan. We will build the web banners, the social media posts, the cover photos, the infographics, the blog posts, the emails, etc. that can be used in your advertising and marketing.

Ready for it? Here’s the end game, the “Call to Action”

Your website and Social Media streams are in need of content, and you are in need of time to create that content. It’s why we do what we do! CONTACT US.

content creators


Did you hit the CONTACT US button? It should have opened in a new tab. See it there? Perfect, the Call to Action worked! Now, let us put it to work for you!


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