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Content in Marketing

What is Content in Marketing; and how does it work?

What is content in marketing and why is it important? Content, it is literally everywhere. You consume it throughout your day without even realizing it. Content scrolls through your social feed, it’s all over social media it’s on the TV, radio, Internet, it’s in the last joke you read. Like I […]

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G Suite; Get More Work Done, Faster.

g Suite. Get more work done, faster. If you’re looking for an Email platform for your business, look no further than G Suite. G Suite is a cloud based productivity suite for your business. It is the best platform to help get your work done from anywhere on any device. Get […]

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affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? In short, it’s writing about products, brands or services and earning money with it. I had no idea where to start, and that’s when I heard about Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, part of this article IS affiliate marketing at it’s finest. The links in this article are […]

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website management

What you REALLY need in a Business Services Website.

What do you really need in a Business Services Website? Keep it simple at all times. What you really need in a website is a small list and can be generally done in 5 pages. A business services site would look something like this: Home Contact About Services Blog Page […]

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