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What you REALLY need in a Business Services Website.

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What do you really need in a Business Services Website? Keep it simple at all times. What you really need in a website is a small list and can be generally done in 5 pages.

A business services site would look something like this:

  1. Home
  2. Contact
  3. About
  4. Services
  5. Blog Page (or gallery)

A couple of points to remember. If you decide to go with a BLOG page, be sure to publish something new on a regular basis. Keep it refreshed so your customer keeps coming back for more, educate them on your industry and what your business does. If you choose a gallery, add a new photo regularly. Again, your customer doesn’t need to see the same pictures over and over.

That’s it. Keep your website simple. Your website should be a place to connect with your next customer, it’s all about getting leads. If the site is too busy, you’ll loose them. If there’s not enough info, you’ll loose them.

We will find what your service based business really needs in a website.

To keep it simple and engaging can be a tough formula, and it takes continuous education to figure it out. We read and learn, constantly! Why? Because your customer is changing, advertising is changing trends are constantly changing and websites are changing. You don’t have time to learn, you need to sell your services.

Contact us. We Can Help.

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